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August 31, 2011

It is with a sad heart that I am closing this ministry; as of a week ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and cannot at this time continue this. Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who have participated in any way to the blessings of this ministry. May the Lord continue to bless you as you bless others.

In Christ;

Pam (aka: Grammie Pammie)


October, 2014

One of you lovely readers asked about my health now – it is now 3 years after my cancer surgeries and I’m doing GREAT! The oncologist (cancer doctor) took me off the preventative medicine 2 1/2 years early because my ‘numbers’ were so good. It took about 6 months after that before I began to feel like my ‘old self’ again, but now I’m back! Although I am no longer knitting afghans, I’m keeping busy knitting baby hats for our local hospital, chemo caps for my cancer center, baby blankets for our local veterans hospital baby showers, and scarves for four local homeless warming centers – so I’m keeping BUSY! Thanks to all of you; hoping this site helps you to continue knitting, perhaps for charity. Hugs;




This ministry was started in April, 2007 and 300 afghans were delivered to needy patients in Ghana, Ethiopia, Sierre Leone and Durban, S. Africa.


Although I really don’t like to have to do this, I’m asking that you NOT send squares at this time (12/2010) as I am the only one sewing them into afghans and I’m overwhelmed with your generosity – too many squares! Thank you to all who have made squares; I will post again when I need more squares. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3:23-24 (NKJV)

First Ghana Afghan

This site is devoted to what I’ve called: “The Ghana Project”; a ministry to severely crippled children in Ghana who are about to undergo surgeries to correct their spinal disorders. Each year dedicated doctors, nurses, physical therapists and others make trips to Ghana to perform surgeries on these children. The patients do not pay anything, even the ones from Sierra Leone or Ethiopia, someone raises the money to transport them. Most of the patients from Ghana and the other countries have significant financial issues. My goal is to be able to give these children afghans which have been constructed from squares donated by many generous people who either knit or crochet. These afghans are constructed from 7 inch by 7 inch knitted or crocheted squares; 30 squares making up one afghan.

Key of Hope Ministry added: Oct., 2008 (see heading “Afghan Count” for a more detailed explanation).

Our first afghan recipient: Caleb (on the afghan); April, 2007, and (from left: the physical therapist, his Father, Brother, and Mother (click on photo to enlarge)

Photo of Caleb

How This All Came About:

In March, 2007 my son and I visited his Scoliosis (Definition: “Scoliosis: a side-to-side curvature of the spine/ backbone”) doctor for a re-check. The head nurse, Bettye Wright, saw me knitting and said: “I’ve got a project for you!” She then proceeded to explain her involvement in a trip she and many other doctors, nurses and therapists make twice a year to Ghana. They go there to help young children through surgeries to correct severe spinal deformities. Her vision is to be able to give these children a blanket/afghan as a “Security Blanket” to ease them through the traumas of undergoing major surgery. These children come from various backgrounds but most travel many miles – they NEED something ‘special/personal’ to cling to, hence the “Ghana Project”. Ms. Wright is one of the dedicated people who make this trip twice a year and she is willing to transport these afghans for us. She is part of the group who heads up the whole surgery project; please see their website for a better idea of this whole undertaking:



Where do YOU Come into this Picture?

This project is a combination of various people’s knitted or crocheted efforts, sewn together into afghans which are given to these children as a love gift. If you can knit or crochet, we need you!

The Basic Directions:
Knit or crochet one, (or more) 7 inch by 7 inch square(s) of any yarns . (Personally, I use 4-ply acrylic and size 10 knitting needles, but whatever you are comfortable with is great.) Please leave at least a 14 inch ‘tail’ at the beginning and end of each square, as I will be using these to sew the squares together. A completed afghan measures 36″ X 50″ with crocheted border. Check out the section “Patterns-Knit Squares” in this blog for ideas on stitches and needle sizes.

I want to thank you, in advance, for your interest in this undertaking. I know that the children will be blessed with your help and I am thrilled to share this ministry with you.

Sincerely, In Christ;


The Very First Afghan Sent to Ghana!

8/1/08  Afghan #100!

8/1/08 Afghan #100!

Grammie Pammie



October, 2008

Please see the heading:
“Afghan Count” for a thorough explanation of this new addition to my ministry. I am thrilled to be able to spread the blessing of these afghans to more needy children!



3/16/08 Here is another patient, Hana, with one of our afghans

Below is a quote from an email I received from Bettye Wright, the head nurse who transports these afghans to Ghana for the project. She wrote:

“Thank you so much, you cannot know how much these afghans mean to these patients, especially the ones that come to Ghana from other countries, without parents or anything familiar, the language is different, the food is different and we are all strangers, and to have something to cuddle with, that is all theirs, is very special. When I took Hanna back to Ethiopia she traveled via Ethiopian airlines with hers, all of the flight attendants loved the story about you and your group. God will bless you richly for the service you are doing.”


A few months ago I ran into a quote which I thought sums up how I feel about this whole project: “We are not asked to do all of God’s work in this world, just the work we CAN do.” (Mother Theresa). She put into words how I feel: I’m not a surgeon, a doctor, a nurse-I don’t have the abilities to help these severely crippled children, but I CAN do something I know how to do: knit afghans that just might comfort them during their infirmities and for that I thank the Lord. Thanks for being a part of this effort.

The Ghana Team left Nov. 4-18th, 2007; volunteer surgeons from Norway, Spain, India, Canary Islands, Italy and the USA went on this trip, along with volunteers from Michigan, New York, Virginia, and Norway. It’s wonderful to know that all of our completed afghans went along to bless hurting children who need a little something ‘homemade’ to comfort them. Once again, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

THIS DOES NOT MEAN “The Ghana Project” is done!
The project continues! These teams of surgeons, volunteers and others makes 2 trips a year to Ghana to perform these surgeries. This just means that we begin ‘another phase’ of creating more afghans for more needy, hurting children!


November, 2007 shipment of 29 afghans:

27 completed afghans, Oct. 2007click on photo to enlarge


Latest count on completed afghans:

We now have sent a total of 79 afghans to Ghana! See the heading: “Afghan Count” for the current totals on completed afghans.



51 afghans completed and sent to Durban S. Africa for the “Key of Hope” ministry.



August 18, 2011 

Afghan #300!

Although I am not currently receiving squares, I’m still sewing them together into afghans.  It’s been a long time coming, but finally I’ve reached the goal of 300 afghans. I will continue to sew the squares I have together and will post when I can, again, receive new squares. Thank you to all of you who have sent squares in the past!


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