Afghan Count/”Key of Hope” Explanation

I would like to attempt to keep a running account of how many afghans have been completed. This project was started in April, 2007.

Completed Afghans, sent to Ghana: 134 (as of 12/08/09)

Completed Afghans, sent to Durban, S. Africa: 84 (as of 12/08/09)


Total Afghans completed thus far: 265  (and still going) Nov., 2010

Ghana: 181

Durban, S. Africa: 84


May, 2011:  286


Afghan #100

Afghan #100


New Ministry Added: “KEY OF HOPE”, Durban, South Africa!

October, 2008

Due to the fact that we are able to make more afghans than are needed for the Ghana trip this year (Nov., 2008) I have searched for another worthy cause which would benefit needy children. A friend of mine has recently begun a ministry in Durban, South Africa, helping very poor children who are the victims of AIDS. Many of these children are parentless, leaving the older children to attempt to raise the younger ones by themselves. These are also referred to as ‘street children’. Here is a portion of Dan Smither’s email to me: “We could definitely use some of those afghans here – the winter nights can get down to the 30’s, and then there’s the rainy season (which we’re in the middle of right now). Having not just a blanket, but a warm, cozy (not to mention totally unique and personal) afghan to sleep under would be a huge blessing to these children. It would be one more thing that would help us to continue to build relationships with them that will give us the platform to show them Jesus Christ. We are sending a shipping container full of supplies from Michigan over here sometime in January, and we will take as many of those afghans as you can spare!” The ministry is called: Key of Hope and their blog site is: I will, from this point on (as of Oct. 22, 2008) be dividing the completed afghans between these two worthy causes.


Dan Smither, “Key of Hope” director, and “grammiepammie”




Afghan #200

Afghan #200

Another milestone has been achieved…now on to #300!

Thank you, again, all of you who had a part in this project; I couldn’t have done it without you! (no, this isn’t the ‘end’…I’m just getting warmed up!)


5 responses to “Afghan Count/”Key of Hope” Explanation

  1. Amanda

    When is the next trip after the one on June 3rd? I would love to get our church’s knitting group involved in this project, but we don’t meet again in time to do any donations for the trip in June.

  2. Esther

    I am enjoying making squares to create afphans but do have some questions and hope that they can be answered. Could you please clarify the directions for the “Lorenge Seed Stitch”? Also, the photo of the “Chevron Seed” is different from how the pattern works up. Could you please send me revised directions for each. I am creating an afghan with only the seed stitch patterns and would like to include them. Thank you in advance for your response to this request. Esther

    • I just went back to the source of these two patterns (very old French knitting book). Checking “Chevron Seed” it is exactly as printed on this site. The “Lozenge Seed Stitch” however had a repeat that wasn’t in the book: ROW 2: P2, * (P2,K2) twice, P4
      That was the only error I found; sorry if this caused you difficulty. I put these patterns on many years ago.

  3. debi peterson

    Pam, how are you? I’ve not seen any updates on your health. I hope you are doing well.

    • Thank you so much, Debi, for asking! It’s been over three years now since my cancer surgeries and I’m doing GREAT! My oncologist (cancer doctor) took me off of the preventative medicine 2 1/2 year early because my ‘numbers’ were so good. It took another 6 months, approximately, for me to finally feel like my ‘old self’, but now I’m finally ‘back on track’! Although I’m not knitting the Ghana afghans now, I’m still busy knitting chemo caps for my cancer center, baby hats for our local hospital, baby blankets for our veterans hospital’s baby shower for vets, and scarves for four local homeless warming shelters, so I’m ‘keeping out of trouble’ – ha! Thanks for thinking of me!

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