Squares Contributors

I am so grateful for all who are helping on this project. Here is where I would like to list those efforts.

(Click on photos to enlarge them)


Mary7/9/07 A few days ago I received a box in the mail heaping with 15 lovely crocheted squares from my dear friend “Momma” (see her Mommascorner blog). Can’t wait to get started combining her squares with mine … she sent me the total of half of a whole afghan! (30 squares for one afghan).


NOTE: later on, she also sent another 30 wonderful crocheted & knitted squares…that’s 1 1/2 afghans worth! Thank you, “Momma!”

Here are more squares and a completed afghan from “Momma”.

Just had to share this photo of “Momma” & I looking over some of her squares.


8/18/07 I went to the post office today only to find a wonderful box full of 25 crocheted squares from Lindy Maier! She wrote that she is the clinical coordinator for Dr. Boachie-Adjei who is the head of FOCOS, the organization for who these squares are intended. HOW EXCITING! THANK YOU, LINDY!

Here are Lindy’s squares!


August 25, 2007

Today brought TWO packages at the post office! One from Becky Peattie with 10 colorful, creative squares, and one from Sharon Cantirino with4 lovely squares; talk about feeling like I’d hit the jackpot! (and I don’t gamble!!!) THANK YOU, LADIES! I’m just so blessed and excited that wonderful people like you are taking part in this effort to comfort children! (and the Lord gets the glory!)

Here are Becky’s squares


here are Sharon’s squares!



Today the project was graced with another lovely gift from my friend, Sharon Mick and her granddaughter, Jennifer Willison of 28 knit squares and 5 crocheted afghans. Jennifer likes to crochet and donated her afghans to our project. I am always grateful to others for help with this project and am sure that the children who are going through these surgeries will love receiving your handiwork.

Here are Sharon Mick and her granddaughter, Jennifer Willison’s squares and completed afghans!


9/10/07 Went to the post office today and found another package from Sharon Cantirino with 6 more colorful squares-THANK YOU very much! (I loved the packaging: she had labeled it “To Ghana, with Love”!)


6 more squares just came in from my friend Char Esralian; 100_0714.jpgThanks, Char!


Went to an activity last night and another friend, Kim VoVillia, gifted me with 21 more afghan squares!

100_0718.jpgThanks, Kim!!!


A trip to the Post Office brought another BOX from Lindy Maier and her ‘ladies’ (that would be members of her family-Mom, sisters, etc.). This box contained 59 knitted squares in all sorts of colors (see below)…Thanks, LADIES!!!


Lindy Maier & family/friends

Lindy’s Mom (Barbara Fagan), Nora, Lindy & Bridget


Another package arrived yesterday from Sharon Cantirino with 6 lovely knitted squares! THANKS, SHARON!!!




Today the Post Office had a box with 24 lovely knitted squares from Ren! THANK YOU!



Oct. 15, 2007

Another wonderful package came today-this time from Lindy Maier’s Mother, Barbara Fagan; her box contained 46 squares! Thank you very much, Barabara!

Barbara Fagan squares


Oct. 17, 2007

Last night I received a package from my friend, Sharon Abrishaman which held 19 colorful squares-the Ghana Project is truly blessed with all of the wonderful squares and gifts! Thank you, Sharon!

Sharon Abrishaman Squares


Oct. 16, 2007

Our second meeting of my newly formed knitting group, Waterford Area Knitters & Crocheters, brought 8 donated squares from Kathie, Dawn, and Pam R.Thank you, ladies!

Waterford Area Knitters squares


I feel it’s only fair to also include those who contributed yarn to this project: Sally McGregor, Darlene (“Dar”) O’Connell, Marie Larson, Sharon Abrishaman, and Janet Allen. (forgive me if I left anyone out…this idea of also including the yarn donors hit me in the middle of the night, so I’m wracking my brain to try to not forget anyone.)


Some very lovely ladies in New York sent me a big box containing 79 (or maybe 80-I lost count!) knitted & crocheted squares. Thank you Nora, Brooke (her daughter) and Lindy Maier!!!







Last night at my knitting group I was once again gifted with more squares from Kathie (8) and her friend, Dawn(4). Thank you, ladies!!!


Linda Ball & St. Josephs Knitting Ministry

Linda Ball and the ladies from St. Joseph’s Knitting Ministry; Easton, PA sent 8 colorful squares. Thank you, all, for blessing this project with your craft!


Betty Jones

Another friend, Betty Jones, sent 13 squares for the project; Thank you, Betty!



Kay Rogers crocheted 6 squares while we were chatting during one of my knitting groups and then proceeded to inspire the knitting group for their participation, as well! Thank you, Kay!



11/13/07 Two of my friends in our knitting group donated more squares: Pam R knit 6


and Kathie donated 22;


Many thanks for your squares, ladies!


Seacrest Presb. Church WIC


A visit to the post office today brought a huge box filled with 76 squares from my friend Peg Starkoski and the ladies of the Seacrest Presbyterian Church WIC, Boynton Beach, Florida! Thank you so much, ladies!



Just a quick note here

I just thought it would be nice to add up all the donated squares thus far to get some idea of the MAGNITUDE of GENEROSITY from all of these lovely people. There were (approximately-I might have lost count of a few here and there; forgive me) 551 squares (not counting 6 completed afghans donated) That means, in total afghans completed

EIGHTEEN AFGHANS plus 11 squares in separate squares +6 completed afghans!

Thank you, all, once again, for making my ‘job’ much easier!



The ladies from New York are at it again: Nora, Brooke, and Lindsay sent another 38 squares. THANK YOU, ladies!




The wonderful ladies at my monthly Knit Night, “The Knit Whits”, gifted me with a huge bag of over 100 squares they had knit! I was overwhelmed with joy! Thank you, very much ladies! (Kay, Pat, Patty, Stacey, Megan, Kim, & Connie)


(please forgive ‘the pile’…this is just as I received them!)



December 23, 2007

More wonderful squares (and 1 small afghan) from my friend, Sharon Mick (50+ squares) and her granddaughter: Jennifer Willison (the afghan). Thank you, both-you do great work!


January 3, 2008


Just received a lovely box of 31 squares from

Robyn Charles who has a great site for many charity crafts. I’m honored that she has featured this site on her site. If you have some time, please visit her site:





Sharon Mick just graced me with another 31 squares-this lady is a knitting machine!!! Thank you, Sharon!




(Lindy’s Mother) Barbara Fagan sent another shipment of 31 squares;

Thank you, once again, for another lovely ‘batch’ of squares!




Here’s a lovely combination of squares from Cathy Willison (Mother) and Jennifer Willison (daughter-afghan). Both of these wonderful women were inspired by the Grandmother: Sharon Mick! (see above donations from her…there are many-she’s my ‘knitting machine’!)

I am very grateful to all of you for your contributions!





More wonderful squares from two of the ladies (Pauline & Tracy) at Seacrest Presbyterian Church WIC in Boynton Beach, Fla.

Thank you, Ladies!




Today a large package of 77 squares arrived from the ladies at Grace United Methodist Church “Prayer Shawl Ministry, Indiana, PA. Thank you, all, ladies, for your wonderful ministry and for blessing my ministry with your efforts!




Two of the ladies in my Waterford-Area Knitters & Crocheters group knit these lovely squares: Kathie & Pam R. ; thank you, again!




The ladies of Seacrest Presbyterian Church WIC, Boynton Beach, Fla. did it, once again-they sent 127 squares! Thank you, AGAIN, ladies!




19 lovely squares from Kathie, Pam R., Missy & Chris, Waterford-Area Knitters & Crocheters! Thank you, again, ladies…you make my work easy!



30 lovely squares from Lindy & Nora-as Lindy wrote:”Mostly Nora”! Thank you so much!





Today I picked up 11 lovely squares at the Post Office from Sue Nelson; Thank you!



This evening I was gifted with 11 lovely squares from my friend, Kim Vovillia; Thanks, Kim!



The Seacrest Presbyterian Church WIC (Women In Church), Boynton Beach, Fla. ladies did it again! They’ve sent another large box of 30+ squares. You ladies really ROCK! Thank you, again!!!





Today a BIG box of 103 squares arrived from Barbara Fagan. (she’s been on vacation and was using her time wisely!!!) Thank you VERY much!




Elizabeth Airhart sent 3 lovely pink squares-Thank you!




Today another package arrived from “Ren” with 5 squares; thank you, again, Ren!!!




Helen Lewis sent 4 colorful squares-Thank you, Helen, for your efforts!




More colorful squares (12)from some of the ladies in my knit group, Waterford-Area Knitters & Crocheters. Thank you Missy, Sonny, Kathie, Dawn and Jan!



Occasionally I will be given some knitted materials which don’t exactly fit into any category-Sonny of my above mentioned knit group, donated 12 very creative cream-colored squares. These are unusual in that they are very large; she had knit them as test squares for a afghan project she was working on. In the future I am hoping to be able to use them as a center piece and surround each one with donated 7 inch squares, making some very unusual afghans. I will attempt to photograph the finished products later, but wanted to give Jan thanks, here, for her donations. (below is an afghan using two of her squares-






Today I received a package from the knitters at

Grace United Methodist Church, Indiana, PA which contained 117 colorful squares; Thank you!



These squares are a joint effort from both Barbara Fagan (mother), and her daughter Nora; there are 87 squares here. It is wonderful to see the participation of an entire family in this effort; not to be left out is other daughter, Lindy Maier, who also has contributed many, many squares to the project. THANK YOU, LADIES!!!




Today I received a lovely package of 7 squares from Margot K, of Vienna, Va.; THANK You for your work!



Another friend, Kim White, family and friends sent me 2 huge bags filled with 130 knitted squares. Wow! Thank you, all!!!



Received another box filled with 127 squares from the lovely ladies at

Seacrest Presbyterian Church WIC, Boynton Beach, Fla.

Thank you, once again, ladies!



Here are 3 lovely squares donated by Olisa, who is a friend

of one of my knitting partners, Missy. THANK YOU, Olisa!



My knitting group friend, Kim White & family donated a lovely batch of squares. Thank you, Kim!



Sharon Mick once again knit a huge batch of squares while on one of her missionary trips. There’s a total of 176 squares; the product of 3 1/2 months of knitting! Thank you SO much, Sharon!



Along with Sharon’s squares (above) she also delivered a bag of 57 squares from her daugher: Cathy Willison, who has donated squares in the past as well. My thanks to both of you ladies!



4 lovely squares from Elizabeth Airhart; Thank you!


121 squares from the Seacrest Presbyterian Church WIC, of
Boynton Beach, Fla.
Thank you, once again, dear ladies for all your work!



Harriet Griffith donated a lovely box of 114 crocheted squares; Thank you for your squares!



Dawn Stoutenburg

Dawn Stoutenburg, from my knitting group, knit these 2 colorful squares; Thanks, Dawn!



Today was another trip to the Post Office and more wonderful boxes from Barbara Fagan, filled with 121 squares also added by her daughters:Lindy Maier and Nora. Thank you all, once again, ladies, for your generous gift!



Dolores Cleary sent along 29 very creative knit and crocheted squares; Dolores is a long-time patient of Dr. Boachie’s (in NY), the surgeon who started the Orthofocos group and who heads up this whole project. Thank you, Dolores!



Today’s Post brought a large box of 77 squares from Darlene Yiznitsky;

Thank you for all the colorful squares!



My friend, Linda Ball, sent 5 colorful bias-knit squares.

Thank you, Mrs. B!



Beth Harte sent 12 colorful squares today-Thanks, Beth!



Sue Nelson sent this collection of 24 squares along with the challenge:

“How many squares can you get out of a one-pound skein of yarn?” Her answer was the above photo’d squares! Very clever! Thank you, Sue.



Debi Peterson sent 30 squares to complete one afghan; very colorful squares-Thanks, Debi!



My friend, Char Esralian, gifted me with 6 squares last Sunday at church. Thanks, Char!



3 lovely squares from my friend, Missy’s friend Olissa! Thank you!



49 very colorful squares from Debi Peterson. Debi sent quite a few ‘picture’ cloths: designs knit into the squares; she has included a horse, pig, angel, camel, sun, palm trees, birds, flowers etc. as well as varigated squares.




Gloria Piatt sent a box of 88 colorful squares; THANK YOU

very much, Gloria!



Today’s mail also brought a box of 57 lovely squares from Lindy Maier! Once again, THANKS, Lindy!



My friend, Linda Ball and the lovely ladies from “Our Lady of Mercy church”of Easton, PA sent 33 colorful squares! THANKS! (these are the same ladies who were formerly known as St Joseph’s church ministry, who have donated many squares in the past!)




My good friend Linda Mick knit 102 very colorful squares.



Her granddaughter, Jennifer Willison, crocheted 16 smaller-sized afghans which will be sent to Ghana to their Club Foot Babies surgery section.

THANK YOU, both, for these donations!



100_1396Here are 11 colorful crocheted squares from my dear friend, “Momma”

Thank you again, for all you do!




Pamela Horton donated 26 colorful squares;

Thank you!




Mari Lynn Korte sent 99 very colorful squares! THANK YOU-they are very much appreciated!




Valerie Mathias, her mother Mary Jo and her grandmother sent35 lovely squares. Valerie found our site by doing research on Ghana then inspired her family to knit and crochet squares for our project! Thank you very much, ladies!




Barbara Fagan sent yet another box of 66 lovely squares. I thank you, once again, for all your wonderful efforts!



126 beautiful knit squares! From Grace United Methodist Church of Indiana, PA. I finally found out who the box was from-Thank you all, ladies!!!



Received 27 colorful crocheted squares from one of my ‘regular’ contributors: Lindy Maier. THANK YOU, they’re lovely!




Today I picked up a box of 70 lovely squares from Grace United Methodist Church, of Indiana, PA. I’m wondering…could THESE be the lovely donors of my above post from Anonymous donor? I’m going to write them a thank you note and see!  Thank you, ladies!!!




My good friend, Michelle Montano (from my knit group) knit this colorful square! THANKS, Michelle!




Today I received the delivery of 230 wonderful, colorful squares from my good friend, Kim White and her family. Kim is from my ‘other’ knit group and she’s been holding onto these for me for quite some time. Thank you, Kim, and your family as well for all these squares!



Another lovely shipment of 16 squares from my friend, “Ren”! She’s a very busy (almost graduated) college student; I wonder how she squeezed in the time to knit these! Thanks, again!!!




My friend, Peg, from the Seacrest Presbyterian Church WIC of Boynton Beach, Fla. and her wonderful ladies sent 40 lovely squares. Thank you, all, ladies! They are much appreciated!




Another dear friend, Sharon Mick brought me 98 squares that she knit while traveling with her missions group the past few months. Sharon & her husband are retired people who travel with a group of other senior citizens, to various churches and youth groups to help out in whatever ways they can, from painting, repairing electrical/fixing lawn mowers, sorting used clothing…they help out. I’m grateful that Sharon loves to knit while riding in a car! Thank you again, Sharon!




My friend, Betty Jones, contributed 10 lovely squares! Thanks, Betty!



I just located a photo of a group of squares that was donated on this date; I’m unable to load the photo OR find who donated them (it is now 7/6/09 and found the photo in the archives). I’m SO sorry I can’t give credit where it’s due or eve let you see the squares! My most honest apologies!





Today the UPS man delivered a box filled with 89 colorful squares knit by Barbara Fagan! What a lovely surprise! Thanks, Barbara!



100_163942 more lovely squares arrived today from the ladies at Seacrest Presbyterian Church WIC of Boynton Beach, Fla.  Thank you, once again, ladies for lovely squares!




39 very colorful squares arrived from Shirley Duncan, Yorktown, Va.  Thank you, Shirley! I’m sure the kids will love them!



100_1688My newest “knit group” member, Laura Proffitt brought this lovely square to knit night. Thank you! Every square counts!!!




My friend, Sharon Mick, handed me these 18 lovely squares Sunday at church. Thank you, Sharon!




Today my friend: Robyn Devine sent a big box filled with 168 squares! Robyn is one of my ‘repeat’ knitters; see her blog for all of the other charities she helps:


Thanks, Robyn!




Pam Hartzler sent 37 colorful squares-Thanks, Pam! They are definitely a blessing!




The lovely ladies of “Grace United Methodist Churh of Indiana, PA did it again! The sent 2 boxes of squares, totalling 94 squares. Thank you, AGAIN, ladies…the squares will come in very handy!




Gwen Shelly knit 268 colorful squares and hand-delivered them; thank you, Gwen!!!


100_1775 100_1778








All of the above two photos of squares, totalling 363 squares were donated by my friend Kim White’s family: her aunts, Mom, and their friends diligently knit them: Betty Stallings, Georgia Spaetti, Linda Weber and a couple of other ladies in their quilt group. Thank you VERY much, ladies, for all of your hard work…they are truly appreciated!




My friend, Robyn Devine, a frequent donator of squares sent another box of 31 colorful squares. Thank you, Robyn, for your continued support!




Today 86 lovely squares arrived from a repeat contributor: Barbara Fagan in Baltimore; THANK YOU, again, Barbara!

(she folded all her squares in shipping and I didn’t want to unfold them all to photograph them, so that’s why they look a little different)



100_1791My good friend, Sharon Mick and her daughter, Cathy Willison knit  102 squares and delivered them to church this Sunday. Thank you very much (once again) dear ladies! Very nice work!!!



Nelda sent these lovely squares (my computer just ‘ate’ the posted information about how many and her last name…I’m so sorry).





74 squares and 2 crocheted afghans from my friend Sharon Mick (squares) and her granddaughter Jennifer Willison (afghans).  Thank you, AGAIN, ladies for all your efforts; they are greatly appreciated.


end of December, 2009

Linda Ball mailed these 19 colorful squares before Christmas, but because I was sick, I’m just now getting them posted. THANK YOU, Linda!!!


end of December, 2009

Gwen Shelly hand-delivered these 104 squares before Christmas, but due to my being sick, I’m just now getting them posted. THANK YOU, Gwen!!!



My friend (and frequent contributor) Sharon Mick recently gave me 2 completed afghans she’d knit, plus 12 squares along with another afghan her granddaughter Jennifer Willison (another frequent donor) knit. Thank you, ladies, for the great ‘gift’!



224 colorful squares from

Gwen Shelly; yes, this is the same lady who donated squares just before Christmas! She is a knitting machine!

Thanks, Gwen!


March 8, 2010

Today a big box arrived from the lovely ladies at Grace United Methodist church, Indiana, Penn. with 117 squares; THANK YOU, AGAIN, ladies!


March 11, 2010

Today Gwen Shelly brought MORE knitted squares –210! – and her cousin, Barb, who also will be knitting squares for the project. Thank again, VERY MUCH, Gwen!



Today a quick trip to the Post Office found another package from J. Wong with 14 lovely blue crocheted squares – Thank You!



Today I received a delivery (via another friend) from Sharon Mick of one gorgeous afghan and 48 knit squares. Sharon is one of my most prolific knitters – Thank you, once again, Sharon!


April 22, 2010

Today I received another lovely shipment from another of my ‘return contributors’: Barbara Fagan which contained 99 colorful squares which she had very neatly folded in half and squeezed into a box (note in photo I did not unfold them for the photo, except one) Thank you, once again, Barbara! (Barbara’s daughter works in NY with Dr. Boachi – the surgeon in Ghana who does work on the children in Ghana, Ethiopia and Sierre Leone)



Gwen Shelly delivered another ‘batch’ of 167 lovely squares – Thanks, Gwen! (she’s my “knitting machine”!)



Another one of my ‘faithful/loyal’ donors, Sharon Mick brought 80 squares to church. Thank you, once again, Sharon!



Today’s visit to the Post Office brought another box of 40 colorful crocheted squares from Shirley Duncan of Yorktown, PA. Thank you once again, Shirley, for your squares!



Also in today’s Post Office pick up was a box of 24 colorful knit squares from JoAnn Gonder of Spokane, WA.  Thank you for all of your efforts – the squares are great!



Sue Nelson sent 31 lovely squares recently. Thank you, Sue!



Bridget Smith from Baltimore, MD. sent 46 lovely squares! Bridget is one of my ‘repeat’ knitters! Thanks, once again!!!


With the next two donations, we have now become


Eliza Ng of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada sent 11 colorful squares! Thank you SO MUCH!


Rosemary Simpson of Yarra Glen Victoria, Australia sent 24 lovely knit squares! Thank you, Rosemary! How wonderful to get squares from halfway across the globe!!!



The lovely ladies from “Ladies of Grace UMC” of Indiana, Pa. have sent another shipment of 91 squares. THANK YOU, ladies, first for the squares and second for your faithful help in this ministry! (they are repeat senders!)
















14 responses to “Squares Contributors

  1. Happy to help and there are more on the way because my big basket isn’t near empty yet.

  2. i would love to help. i knit, not fast but i can do some.

  3. Rhonda

    Wow, all of these afghan squares are so pretty! I am going to have to pick out some stitch patterns and get to work on a few!

  4. Margot K of VA

    Thanks for your note and generous sharing of your patterns on Monthly Dishcloths. I looked at the Ghana Project Web site and was inspired by your good work. Hope to send a number of Cotton Ease squares to you this weekend from Virginia. Good luck and best wishes on continuing this heartwarming work.

  5. Janis

    I have several afghans that I do not use they are in great shape and also have 200 croched squares. I would like to donate these to the project. Do I just mail them to the PO Box or can I drop these off at the church where I received the information about the project.

    Thank you, Janis

  6. This project has come full circle for me. I had the opportunity to see a completed afghan that Bette Wright brought along to NYC for a FOCOS Gala.
    There were three squares I immediately recognized as “our work” and the colors are just beautiful.
    Many thanks to Pam for her efforts in completing all these lovely afghans.

  7. sue nelson

    I do not know why the computer is writing big and I do not know what to do about it. I’m not yelling–really. On to the subject of the e-mail.

    How many squares do you get from a onepound skein of yarn? The answer is on its way.

    sue nelson

  8. Hi Pam!!

    Any idea when you’ll be accepting squares again? I’m in the middle of several complicated projects, and sometimes I just want to sit down, knit up a square and complete it.

    Or, maybe, I’ll just do that anyway and save them until you’re ready again.

    Thanks for all your hard work with this project.


  9. Hi Pam!

    I have again overextended myself! After much prayer on this, I have come to the decision (with God’s direction, of course!) that I need to drop some of my charity knitting and concentrate only on one project. I have only two hands and only so much time!

    So, God has led me to concentrate on your project and drop the others. I have come to realize that when I’m feeling pressured to do these things, that I’m not doing them with a “servant’s heart”, but out of a sense of obligation, and that is not what God desires.

    Finally–to my question after much explanation–I have tons of baby yarn!! Do you think that using two strands combined would be good to make squares? These would be the same as 4 ply I would think, and they are so soft. Or would you rather have just one strand and have a baby type afghan?

    Just let me know–I’m all yours!


  10. It is obvious that these wonderful people are keeping you extremely busy theses days but that is your calling, my friend. Many good wishes to all of these lovely ladies and double them to you!

  11. Where do I send my knitted squares .would love to help

    • I’m sorry, Julie, but the project is done – if you read the main page you will discover I closed the project when I came down with breast cancer in 2011. I leave the site open for anyone who might need patterns for knit squares.
      Thank you for your desire to help; perhaps you might be able to find another project like mine to participate in. Pam

  12. sylvia jenkinson

    Hi i have just knitted a blanket and would like to send it to you, please could you give me an address to send it. Thank you very much.
    Mrs Sylvia Jenkinson

    • Hello;
      I’m pretty sure I already responded to your comments, but if not: I closed the site to receiving blankets or squares in 2011 when I got breast cancer. I leave the patterns up for those who might benefit from them, but no longer take/receive blankets or squares. I would recommend you checking out either the local hospitals or cancer centers where they might be able to use your gift – cancer patients going through chemo therapy are always cold during treatment and, I’m sure, would LOVE to receive your gift.

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