Other Contributions

I would also like to thank here, people who have donated ‘other’ items to this project. In November, 2007 a friend, Kay, came up with a great idea for the afghans: a pocket (knit or crocheted) into one square to be sewn into each afghan. In each ‘pocket’ would be placed a “Teenie Beanie Baby” toy, as a small gift for each afghan recipient. If an older child received that afghan they could ‘share’ the toy with a younger child and the ‘pocket’ could remain in their afghan to store something like a note, or kleenex, or a small treasure. Since that time several people have donated “Beanies” for this project and I’d like to thank them here. (click on photos to enlarge image)

closeup of pocket beanie This is one of the “Pockets” with Beanie

three beanie afghansThree ‘Beanie” afghans

Kay Rogers, for her Beanies (approx. 15) AND her idea! (I’m sorry that I didn’t photo her original beanie afghan pockets)

Marlene, for donating 113 Beanies!

Summer, 2008
I’d also like to thank “Momma”, who has so lovingly seen to the task of crocheting the borders on the sewn-together afghans. That is one job I am very grateful she took over (and she’s done a great job!). Thank you, again, old friend…you are greatly appreciated!
September, 2008
I would like to thank my friend (and member of my knitting group): Kathie Harroun for donating 5 bags of yarns to ‘the cause’. They will definitely be used! Thank you, Kathie!
January 3, 2009
I would like to thank Dar for contributing 81 brand new Teeny Beanie babies to the afghan project. I KNOW these will be appreciated! Thanks, Dar!
January 20, 2009
Thank you, Missy, for donating a large bunch of yarn-all colors for the project. They will definitely be used! Thanks, Missy!
October 27, 2009
Thank you to Joy Wong for donating this lovely crocheted afghan; very nice!
March 24, 2010
Today I presented “The Ghana Project/Key of Hope” program to the Huron Valley Optimist’s Club. Occasionally I am sent squares which are too large for my afghans; the Optimist’s Club has a program for children and seniors in retirement homes where they use 12″ X 12″ squares. These squares are used individually and wrapped around a regular sized beanie baby; each of these is presented to children in hospitals and seniors to give them a gift and remind them that people care for them. At the program I presented their group with 67 ‘larger’ squares and they gifted me with 67 Teeny Beanie babies for my program.  We will continue to inter-act in this manner, each group blessing the other and ultimately blessing children and seniors, alike.
June 13, 2010
Today the “Project” was gifted with LOTS of yarn donated by my friend Char’s mother. Yarn of all kinds, colors, weights – enough to keep some, give some to my knit group ladies AND give the remainder to my friend Sharon Mick who knits squares for the Project. Thank you, Char!!!
end of June, 2010
Twice in the past week I’ve been blessed with donated YARN! Wool skeins from my friend June, who is a spinner and sheep farmer, and miscellaneous yarn collected from my friend Sally’s mother. This Sunday I will also be collecting more donated yarn from my friend Cindy at church. The Lord never stops amazing me with keeping this ministry going!
Thank you, ladies!!!

4 responses to “Other Contributions

  1. Carole Lachance

    Is there a similar project but with sewing.
    I don’t like to knit
    I am able to do some quilting or any sewing project

  2. Stephanie H.

    I have s friend volunteering at an orphanage in Ghana. I wanted to crochet some hats for her to take . Do you think there is a need for hats or is it to hot there?

    • It gets cold in the rainy season – not sure about hats, though. I haven’t been in contact with my original person in Ghana so I don’t really have an way to ask about this (wish I did!). Could you ask your friend who’s going to volunteer there if THEY could ask about it? I know when I first added Key of Hope (in Durban, S. Africa) to my project I thought blankets would be too hot, but my friend who’s a missionary there said they could use them during the rainy season. Hope this helps.

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